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How to be fashionable with BOMBER JACKET

It has been a while since the start of spring, the temperature is gradually rising, but the light rain and cold wind in early spring often make people feel slightly cold. At this time, for those who are not willing to continue wearing bloated clothes, a bomber jacket is enough to keep them warm while being fashionable.

Origin and evolution of Bomber Jacket

Bomber, with this name as you can see, has a lot to do with the air force. It started during World War I as warm clothing for US Air Force pilots. Nowadays, with the improvement of fashion and aesthetics, the modified design makes this kind of clothes no longer limited to the military. The popularity of celebrities and hipsters makes it officially become a fashion item and integrated into people’s daily wear.

Characteristics and dressing guide of Bomber Jacket

The Bomber Jacket is an easy and stylish item to wear. In terms of fabrics, nylon fabrics with light reflections are nice and easy to take care of. In terms of color, the classic military green suits most people to wear. In terms of design, its version is clean and suitable for many occasions. The following three wear methods can be for your reference.

Bomber jackets with pencil pants

The silhouette of the bomber jacket is very fluffy, with tight pencil pants, can create wide at the top and narrow at the bottom of the silhouette, which makes you looks slimmer.

Bomber jackets with shorts

For those who have seen the film Léon must be impressed on Matilda. In addition to her excellent acting, her fashionable clothes also make people can’t move their eyes. If you want to show off your superior legs, of course, go for shorts.

Bomber jackets with skirts

Like to wear skirts? No problem! Handsome style of bomber jackets with sweet skirts, such a combination creates a special style.

Shakespeare said ‘The financial capacity that uses up you is bought make precious clothing, but do not dazzle to establish different newly, must richly and not float is colorful, because dress often can behave character’. Bomber jackets have various prices and rich styles, which can meet the preferences and needs of different consumers. I believe there must be a type you like.

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