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New for Spring 2023, Show Your Unique Fashion

June is coming to an end, and 2022 winter clothes are making final preparations before listing. In order to let you get more spring style inspiration, JXD designs three different jackets of spring 2023. See if there is any design attracts you.

①Varsity jacket

This blue and white varsity jacket has a short design, which makes the jacket more portable. Baseball bomber jacket is a fashionable item with a sense of youth. It is suitable for girls who like sports. The embroidery on the chest and sleeve can not only add the delicacy of the jacket, but also reflect the vitality.

②Contrast patchwork jacket

This patchwork jacket has its own characteristics in color and material. Tired of wearing conventional single color clothes? You should look at this green and orange contrast color one. Its color matching is bold and innovative. The use of colors can reflect a person’s personality and mental outlook. Choosing the right color for customers is an important point that we can’t ignore in fashion design. The sleeves are made of leather to increase the high-level feeling of the clothes.

③Check jacket

This dark jacket looks a little ordinary at a glance, but there are many details. Firstly, it has fabric with check, which is different from single color fabrics. Secondly, it has zipper with double sliders, and the zip puller can be changed to your favorite style. This jacket can be worn with pleated skirt. All colors are everyday and can be easily worn out without superb matching skills.

Ralph Lauren said,“I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.”JXD believes it is customer satisfaction that makes this dream come true. If you like any of the new designs recommended this time, please feel free to contact us.

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