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See Who Made a Fashion Statement at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony


The down jackets worn by athletes from around the world triggered a heated discussion. Topics such as “opening ceremony down jacket”, “down jacket show”, “Canadian team jacket” and “Finnish down jacket” were trending on Weibo during the night of the opening ceremony on Feb 4.

As of February 9, the topic of “Opening Ceremony Down Jacket” has received 500 million views. The ice and snow economy is booming, and categories such as outdoor clothing and down jackets have attracted attention, and many clothing brands have also taken this opportunity to show their strength

The top three on the hot list are:

TOP1 China – Anta

TOP2 Canada – lululemon

TOP3 Finland – ICEPEAK

National sports brand technology refining

China – Anta

Four drag reduction technologies: air turbulence control technology, boundary slip drag reduction technology, wind tunnel test adjustment technology, and clothing surface special-shaped structure technology

· Won the “ISPO Global Design Award” the world’s lightest and most breathable fabric

· 360 degree whole body anti-cutting technology

· WINDPROOF BREATHABLE wind and breathable technology and woven composite fabric

· PROTECTION Protection Technology

Canada – lululemon

· 3D knitting technology to ensure thermal insulation

· Introducing a “modular dress system” with seamless technology, waterproof construction and PrimaLoft insulation

Sweden – Uniqlo

· Emphasizing the concept of environmental protection, the blue color-blocking down jacket adopts recyclable materials and environmental protection technology.

Australia – Karbon

· The garment has built-in USB electric heating

United States – Ralph Lauren

· The brand’s most cutting-edge “smart insulation” technology, a single garment can span three seasons, seamlessly transitioning from indoor to outdoor environments.

China – Anta

Among the 15 sub-items of this Beijing Winter Olympics, Anta has created competition equipment for 12 Chinese participating sports teams, and is the sports brand that supports the most competition equipment for the Chinese national team.

The uniform of the Chinese delegation is designed in the style of a coat, with a felt hat and a scarf in the colors of the national flag. The award-winning clothes of the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics are in the same line, and they are also “champion dragon clothes”. However, the Winter Olympics award-winning clothes are divided into indoor and outdoor styles. The indoor models are white on top and red on the bottom, and the outdoor models are red on the top and white on the bottom.

Canada – lululemon

The Beijing Winter Olympics is Lululemon’s first Olympic show, and this cooperation will also help Lululemon expand its popularity and product line, and change the impression of its yoga wear brand.

The Canadian opening ceremony clothing is mainly red. The top is a parka. There are two kinds of sports trousers with and without printing. In terms of fabric technology, lululemon uses 3D knitting technology for the first time to ensure thermal insulation.

Lululemon introduced a “modular dress system” and applied seamless technology, waterproof construction and PrimaLoft insulation that are popular in outdoor products.

It is understood that Lululemon Winter Olympic clothing is only available in Canada. On the official website of Lululemon, many popular down jackets are out of stock.

Finland – ICEPEAK

ICEPEAK is a century-old outdoor sports brand originating from Finland. In China, the brand is well known to ski enthusiasts for its ski sports equipment, and even sponsors 6 national ski teams including the national team of freestyle skiing U-shaped venues.

The Beijing Winter Olympics is ICEPEAK’s second time to create official clothing for the Finnish Olympic delegation after the Tokyo Olympics. The clothing is dominated by cool greys and the classic Finnish colours of white and blue. Selection of high-quality wool fabrics and warm lamb wool, both fashion and warmth.

Sweden – Uniqlo

Uniqlo entered Sweden in 2018, and started working with the Swedish Olympic Committee in 2019 to jointly develop the LifeWear sportswear collection with professional athletes and sports teams in Sweden.

The official clothing designed by Uniqlo for the Swedish delegation continues the simple style. The opening ceremony clothing is pure blue and blue and black stitching two down jackets with black sports trousers for the bottom. Blue is the representative color of Sweden. Uniqlo emphasizes the concept of environmental protection. The blue color-blocked down jacket uses recyclable materials and environmental protection technology.

Italy – Armani

Italian athletes entered the stadium wearing a “tri-color cape” sponsored by the Italian luxury brand Armani. Made of shiny technical fabric, the cape is white in the middle and red and green on the sides, designed for the Winter Olympics and is a true tribute to the red, white and green Italian flag. Inside the cape is a classic award-winning tracksuit.

Australia – Karbon

Karbon is a relatively high-end Canadian ski brand that has been providing official clothing for the Australian Winter Olympics team since the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics.

The costumes for the opening ceremony were made of conspicuous camouflage green, and the zipper was made of golden yellow, which symbolizes Australia and the Olympic gold medals. In order to resist the colder weather in Beijing in winter compared with the same latitude, the clothing also has built-in USB electric heating.

Japan – Descente

Following the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, DESCENTE once again provided official sportswear for the Japanese Olympic and Paralympic teams.

The official sportswear products provided by DESCENTE cover down jackets, stretch jackets, T-shirts, cold hats, face protectors, gloves, backpacks and more. Among them, the down jacket and jacket are mainly in red, with DESCENTE and “TEAM JAPAN” LOGO on both sides of the chest, and the “TEAM JAPAN” on the back also clearly shows the identity of the delegation.

Korea – The North Face

The North Face is the partner of the Korean Olympic Committee, has launched three official sportswear for the Korean delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Among them, the white uniform continues the design of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medal uniform; Another red and black down jacket is quite ordinary, just with the LOGO of the Korean Olympic Committee. What is more distinctive is the outdoor jackets, which depicts the landscape of The Mountains and rivers of Korea.

United Kingdom – Ben Sherman

In this Winter Olympics, Ben Sherman designed the opening and closing ceremonies costumes for the British delegation with a strong British style.

The tops include a dark blue woolen coat lined with cashmere and a sweater with a British “Mizi Flag” pattern, which fully guarantees warmth and a gentleman’s style; the bottoms are dark gray casual trousers, with leather shoes, a cold hat, a scarf,  gloves and other items and accessories.

United States – Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has been the official USOC clothing brand since the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The opening garments feature the brand’s cutting-edge “smart insulation” technology, which adapts to cooler temperatures by expanding and forming an insulating layer without the use of external power. A single garment can span three seasons, from indoor environments transition seamlessly to outdoor environments.

France – Le Coq Sportif

Le Coq Sportif (commonly known as “French rooster”) is a fashionable sports brand with a century-old history originating from France and a partner of the French Olympic Committee.

This time, Le Coq Sportif designed the official clothing of the 2022 French Winter Olympics delegation based on the red, white and blue of the French flag. The top is a sports jacket. The three colors of red, white and blue converge on the neckline, and the large color block stitching is very conspicuous. What’s more interesting is the LOGO on the chest, which is the “rooster” of Le Coq Sportif and the new “rooster” of the French Olympic Committee.

Germany – Adidas

After a long period of the new crown epidemic, adidas and the German Winter Olympics team felt that they needed some “rebellious optimism”, so they designed the team clothing for this Winter Olympics with this theme.

Because this year is the Year of the Tiger in China, and “tiger” is symbolized by black in German culture, this clothing series is dominated by black;

Switzerland – Ochsner Sport

Ochsner Sport is an up-and-coming sports brand from Switzerland. This is the first time that the Swiss Olympic team wear a local brand attend the Winter Games.

The Swiss delegation clothing designed by Ochsner Sport is dominated by red with different saturation. One of the most striking is a windproof jacket, which transforms the white cross on the Swiss flag into a vertical bar and embellishes it in the center. Very stylish.

Russia – ZASPORT

ZASPORT is the fighting nation’s own sports brand. It was founded by Anastasia Zadorina, a 33-year-old Russian cutting-edge female designer. Since 2017, it has reached an 8-year cooperation with the Russian Olympic Committee.

The shading of the down jacket is the Russian National Geographic puzzle, from which you can see many natural landmarks including the Sochi coastline and Lake Baikal; the irregular stripes of white, blue and red on the sleeves subtly present the Russian flag, and the long-sleeved sweater has The dragon-shaped shading is full of Chinese elements.

Research summary

1. The opening ceremony shows the brand characteristics, and the fashion and sports are closely integrated

According to statistics, about 316 million people watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics in mainland China, which is equivalent to the total global audience of the opening ceremony of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. The clothing displayed at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics not only includes professional sports brands, but also casual brands such as Uniqlo and luxury brands such as Armani. It can be seen that sports and fashion elements are more and more closely integrated. Sports clothing should also be fashionable, and fashion clothing should also have sports designs. The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics is undoubtedly an excellent occasion to show the brand image.

2. Modular clothing form is more and more popular among young people

The most attractive thing for young people at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics is undoubtedly the lululemon worn by Canada. This modular form of clothing design breaks the overly serious and unified tone of previous Olympic clothing. This cooperation has also changed the usual impression of its yoga clothing brand, and is expected to open a new era of all-sports brands.

3. The ice and snow trend continues to increase, and businesses from all walks of life cannot be absent

The gross profit rate of skis and ski suits in ski equipment is about 40%-50%, and the gross profit rate of helmets and snow goggles can reach 70%; while the gross profit rate of ski resorts is about 15%. The gross profit margin is high and the threshold is low, and it is a must for ski enthusiasts to get started. Therefore, whether it is the highest technology displayed by sports brands or the reform and innovation of the brand, we should not miss it.

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