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Welcome to Our Online Show for the 131st Canton Fair

The 131st Canton Fair will be held from April 15 to April 24,2022. Our company has also made preparations for the live broadcast of product display.

Before the live broadcast, our team members had a clear division of labor. Janet was responsible for scene design and overall planning. Sophie was responsible for selecting sample clothes and preparing materials for display. Wendy was responsible for writing scripts. Nancy and Vivian were responsible for providing suggestions on the live broadcast process. Everyone actively cooperated and worked towards a common goal. During the preparation, everyone had the frustration when the progress was not smooth, and the joy after the progress was completed.

In the first live broadcast, the team members of our business department paired up and introduced 10 sports series of jackets and down jackets. These clothes have their own characteristics. Some have special fabrics, some have exquisite workmanship, and some have strong waterproof and ventilation performance. There must be the one you like.

With everyone’s full efforts, the first live broadcast ended smoothly. There are five live broadcasts waiting for us from April 18 to April 22, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for our partners in the business department. I believe everyone will try their best to prepare. The themes of the last five broadcasts are:

April.18 Single Jacket Bomber Series;

April.19 Ski series;

April.20 Puffer;

April.21 Parka;

April.22 Single Jacket Leisure Series.

Welcome to continue watching at that time!

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