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Will Dope Dyed Yarn Overturn the Printing and Dyeing Industry?

Printing and dyeing process is not only the central link of the textile industry, but also one of the important processes in the whole textile industry chain. The discharge of wastewater from printing and dyeing process accounts for more than 70% of the total discharge of textile wastewater. In the traditional dyeing process, each yard of cloth needs more than 11 kilograms of water to dye, which can not even make a garment. How to reduce 75% of water consumption? Dope dyeing technology is another important step for sustainable development.


The dope dyeing technology is not to add dyes to the textile products in the traditional process, but to change the traditional textile production sequence and mix the dyeing original liquor into the raw material particles of spinning. This innovative process not only improves the penetration strength of dyes in the yarn, but also has incomparable advantages in color blending and accurate reproduction of hues.


①Environmental protection and energy conservation

Dope dyeing only consumes part of the electric energy in the production and use process, which saves the high energy consumption and high wastewater discharge in the subsequent dyeing process, and reduces the water consumption by about 75%. In addition, it also uses fewer hazardous chemicals, less energy and results a lower CO2 emissions, save more than 90% of chemical products.

②Improve color fastness

Dope dyeing technology, the color is painted from the inside out, evenly dispersed in the yarn fiber, can resist repeated washing, can resist long-term sunshine, and improve the color fastness up to 4 times.

Some people say that the dope dyeing technology is a “subversive work” in the textile industry, which brings the possibility of realizing modern circular economy and sustainable development. Environmental protection and energy conservation, high color fastness, and plastic function… These advantages of dope dyeing have greatly promoted the reform of the textile industry. The green revolution is coming. Are you ready?

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