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Windbreaker–stop the cold, leave the beauty

Windbreaker is a lightweight jacket that fits snugly, usually with an elastic waistband. It is a practical outdoor clothing, which is windproof and waterproof. The design of windbreaker is light and breathable, so it is also useful for hiking in sunny days.

Outdoor sports style has become more and more popular in recent years, and windbreakers are also popular. After being combined with fashion, this functional dress not only adds more colors, but also redefines in tailoring. Let’s take a look at what style is the most fashionable in terms of color and tailoring.

What color do you choose?

1. classic solid color
Windbreaker has strong outdoor feeling. Solid color is definitely the most classic. Black and white may be too monotonous and ordinary, so solid windbreaker is mostly in bright color, creating a vibrant sense of sports.

2. fashionable contrast color
The contrast color windbreaker is very popular, especially the color that is unusual in other daily items such as red and blue, yellow and green.

What style do you choose?

1. short style
The sporty style of windbreaker, if combined with the short design of waist exposed, is sexy and has a feeling of healthy  at the same time.

2. oversize style
If you want to keep warm and windproof, you can choose medium and long windbreaker. The oversize version is loose and can be worn by all kinds of figures.

Temperature is different between day and night in spring and autumn. You need a windbreaker to keep warm at this time. Wearing a short or skirt inside and a windbreaker outside can help you quickly go out. Windbreakers are suitable to wear on various occasions, no matter what style you usually dress, you can have a try.

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